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My Resume:

15+ Years in Business Leader Roles

  • McDonald’s Corp.
  • Pepsi-Co/Taco Bell Corp.
  • Target Stores

20+ Years in Human Resources

  • Nabisco Foods Company
  • Kraft Foods Company
  • Raising Cane’s
  • Thomas & King Inc. (Applebee’s Franchisee)
  • Last Call Operating Company (Fox & Hound/Champps)
  • Human Resources Consultant

JPR Story!

Grounded with 30+ years of business experience in the several industries; hospitality, retail, consumer products; for profit and not-for-profit; various corporations, privately held, private equity businesses.

Well accomplished within Human Resources through continuous growth and various roles over 15+ years.  I’ve enjoyed the past 10+ years leading and developing human resource departments and as a member of the executive teams.

My combined business and HR experience has given me a good foundation for customer service and I care about the people I interact with everyday. I’m told that I am a “Good Listener” and I enjoy making connections that allow me to learn how I can help others.

Insurance is personal! When working with corporate clients, the employees and their families is the focus of the work being done. Care and clarity must be in command at all times.

Let’s  meet (Individuals and Corporations) and get to know each other so JPR can help you accomplish your life goals and objectives.

Who’s JPR?

JPR are the names of my grand-boys in order of birth; Joey, Perry and Rian (Ryan). They aren’t old enough to be in the business yet, but they are my inspiration. I live to spend time with them for as long as I can. That means taking good care of myself and having a plan for the time when I may not be around for them. The work of JPR is personal to me no matter the size of the company or the wealth of the individual I am working with. JPR’s professional goal is to make a difference through helping others prepare and leave the types of legacy they hope to. These are the little guys that inspire me everyday to do good work and contribute to the world in some way.


Oldest Grandson and the “J” of JPR Insurance!


The 2nd Oldest Grandson and the “P” of JPR Insurance!

Rian (Ryan)

The Youngest Grandson and the “R” of JPR Insurance!

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Protecting your loved ones is something to be done with focus and clarity. JPR Insurance is dedicated to helping individuals and families directly or through the companies where they work.

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